About Us

We are a Uruguayan translation agency constituted by three certified translators with a degree from Universidad de la República.

We work with freelance translators from other languages in order to satisfy our clients' demands. We use CAT tools (Trados and Wordfast) and we specialize in translation of chemical, medical and technical patents, having more than 8 years of expertise in this field. For our continuous training we take different workshops and courses to meet our clients requirements.

Translation services

These are some of the services we offer for individuals and companies:

Translation of official and non-official documents from/into English and other languages.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

These certificates are needed when a client submits a document written in a language different from Spanish with its respective translation into Spanish made in the country of origin. For it to be effective in our country, we acknowledge that the translation is accurate and we issue a Certificate of Translation Accuracy.


simultaneous (real time oral translation between speaker and audience) and consecutive (the speaker makes previously agreed pauses in his/her speech in order for the interpreter to translate).

Areas of expertise

We specialize in patents and trademarks. Other areas of expertise include: Medical, IT and finance.

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